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      By using this website (Altaifreelance.com), including it's domain, url or any webpage as defined by any international law you agree to the following terms and conditions (if you do not agree please do not use this website or other extensions;

1:That any use of this webpage or pages for illegal activities, including invasion of privacy, exploitation or to steal information is prohibited. 
2:This website may not abused, used or misused or accidentally used to stalk or gather information pertaining to other users or the site owners, employees, affiliates, social media handles or pages, or any Altai Freelance owned website or affiliated site.
3:That any use of this website for any activity that is against the applicable laws of the United States, Australia or any conflicting international treaty or law and any conflicting European law is prohibited.

4: That any design owned or created by Altai Freelance that exists on any owned or affiliated page may not be used without consent unless for news coverage, review, entertainment gossiping or to discuss on Youtube or other social media sites (Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, etc..) as permitted by law.
5: That any transactions occurring on this website, in-between, or involving other affiliated sites or companies such as PayPal are private unless a warrant according to the terms of that particular site has been obtained.     6: Although this company does it's best to ensure you're safety you agree that Altai Freelance is not liable for any losses or damages incurred to the use of this website, or any of it's social media handles, owned webpages or affiliates. 

7: Altai Freelance reserves the right to change, modify or amend these terms and conditions, in accordance with the law as the company along with it's affiliate webpages evolve.

8: Altai Freelance is not responsible for any third party, it's affiliates or social media handles.

9: If any purchase or transaction is being made you agree to pay unless a donation was made in error via the PayPal donate button in which the donator has 15 days to request a refund or an incorrect amount of items has been purchased from the merchandise or retail store,

10: You may not abuse this site or any of it's material in any way that injures or negatively impacts any of it's users, employees or owner. 
11: You consent and understand that any information that you use to purchase a canvas wall art or décor will be sent to a third party company which is affiliated with the company Google to ship and mail your order to you.

As of:
May 10th 2020

Address disclosed to  customers only.

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